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Veterinarians are “medical” doctors for animals. Similar to human “medical” doctors schooling, veterinarian schooling and training is for “medical” issues and NOT nutritional issues. The curriculum at the veterinarian schools we’ve researched does not include animal nutrition. Veterinarians are not taught animal nutrition in veterinary schools because animal nutrition falls under the agricultural schools and not the veterinarian schools. 

As such, we don’t believe veterinarian medical doctors should be giving nutritional advice unless they’ve obtained further lengthy UNBIASED and wholistic nutritional education……….and this does NOT include the so-called education from a pet food company, where the veterinarian sells the food and retains the profits from selling the very food that can be harmful to our pets. We believe this is a conflict of interest, and is detrimental to our animal’s “good” health.


The pet food companies make statements that lead us to believe we cannot make our own food for our pets.  They want us to buy their food.  What happens when we don’t buy their food?  Loss of profits.  What keeps companies alive?  Profits!   Let’s coin a new phrase, “ethical profits”.  We need unbiased animal nutritionists not connected to the dry/can pet food companies to teach us how to feed our pets to promote “good” health.   This web site will serve as an education source for you.

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The pet food industry was created in the 1940′s. It reduced landfill waste by taking that waste from the human food industry and making it into a pet food product to sell. This makes good economical sense for the industries but very poor nutritional health sense for our pets, and it can lead to pets succumbing to many diseases and unnecessary suffering that the veterinarians must constantly treat.

If you ate fortified bread or crackers every day, you would develop nutritional deficiencies classified as poor health leading to medical conditions. Knowing this, you wouldn’t do this, would you? Then why are you doing this to your pets?

Many people are mislead on what constitutes proper nutrition for optimum health. This is mostly due to “appropriate” nutritional information not being readily available, not knowing where or how to access this information, relying on the wrong type of doctor or resource to discusss this information and/or due to companies trying to subdue this information so they won’t lose their profits.

Lesson #1

When a medical doctor says, ”there is no “medical” evidence to support this information”.  You should be asking, “why not”? Then you should be thinking and stating the following: “There may not be “medical” evidence supporting this information, but there may be “nutritional” evidence.” Remember that “Nutritional” evidence IS ALSO CONSIDERED scientific evidence. Remember, animal nutrition falls under the College of “Agriculture”, NOT the College of Veterinarian “Medicine”, so when they say there is no “medical” evidence, they are only talking about their own profession’s limitations, misleading you by not telling you this, and not including the factual information from other professions!

On this web site, a paradigm shift will be created in the way you, your friends, and your family think about the way you feed your pets and the lifestyles you create for yourselves and your pets. We will provide you with appropriate scholarly researched information, especially since the president is a scholar and a researcher at the PHD ABD level, was trained to properly research information and seek the full truth, and is a highly-educated and experienced person with the knowledge to do this. Information will be appropriately, scientifically, and nutritionally researched from both clinical and real-life situations, because let’s face it, we do not live our lives in a clinic or a laboratory, or in a glass bubble…….nor do our pets. We live our lives in the “real world” with many different controllable and uncontrollable factors affecting ourselves and our pets.

If you and your pets want to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle, please continue to read and check back occassionally for new information. Please bear with us as we develop our web site as we are new in learning the HTML language. Products sold on this web site are those that many are hard to find and that the president has researched and that she’s used for her own pets and have seen excellent results. Also, ten percent of all purchases will allow Georgia Poodle to continue the good and unique work they do with poodles and help feed and care for the poodles and poodle mixes, some of which will reside in the rescue sanctuary for the rest of their lives due to their age, medical, or other issues.

Meanwhile, if you want to order Ambertech products, which are shown and explained on the web site, please call us at 770-490-1187 with your order and your phone number, which you should repeat twice. If you live locally within the state of Georgia and need the products fast, we can arrange to drive the products to you at a mutually agreed upon location.

Again, please be patient while we develop this web site as we’re new to the HTML language. Thank you.

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Deb Blatchley is President of Animal Health Solutions LLC, Blue Willow Farm, LLC dba The Kennels at Blue Willow Farm, Pet Taxi Services LLC and Georgia Poodle Club Incorporated dba Georgia Poodle Rescue. In addition to the products she sells, she offers consultations, and has researched and used all products she represents. She does not test on animals but has thoroughly researched the effects the products will have on the animals and ensures they are safe before giving any product to an animal. She is a highly educated, well-rounded, ecclectic, beautiful, and fun-loving individual with 25+ years of vast experience and scholarly research in animal and human nutrition, corporate america (College Recruiting, Law, Marketing, Engineering, Sales, IT, Finance, Treasury working with the SEC, Pricing, Communications, Government, including working with the FBI and other governmental and presidential agencies on highly confidential and sensitive information), interior design, small business development and expansion, gardening, is an author, photographer and has her BS, MBA, PhDABD, was the first AACP certified paralegal in the state of Georgia and more. For further information, please visit her profile at

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