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Deborah Blatchley is a scholar and an animal nutritionist, behavioralist, and trainer, amongst other things, and not a veterinarian.  She gives nutritional advice for animals and not veterinarian medical advice.

Ms. Blatchley has been researching and practicing animal nutrition since the early 1980′s.  She is an animal nutritionist because she wants true, “good” health and a good lifestyle for the  animals, according to what they truly need, not according to what we think they need for profits.  This is obtained as holistically, naturally, and from a real-life point of view as possible, especially since we and our animals do not live our lives in clinical laboratory settings.  We live our lives in the real world.  
Through consultation, she will help you understand research studies and point out the flaws, pros, and cons……… no research can possibly contain all variables needed to make an accurately informed decision, as the limited variables used in each research study, are just that………  Scientific research helps us make decisions, but it is limited.  Because it is limited, it is flawed and subjective, as there is no way to include all possible variables and factors that are truly needed for the limiting scientific research to make a totally 100% informed decision.  Also, we do not live our lives in a clinical laboratory but out here in the real world, where we have many variables and factors influencing our situations.  My research includes both scientific and real-world information in an attempt to get a truer picture of the situation.Veterinarians operate, study and practice “medicine”, and prescribe “drugs” for animals…..and we need them.  However,  Ms. Blatchley realized that both human medical doctors’ and veterinarian medical doctors’ college curriculums do not include any courses on nutrition.  Animal nutrition actually falls under the College of Agriculture, not the College of Veterinarian Medicine!  She believes truly good nutrition is the basis to good health, and that veterinarians and animal nutritionists should work closely together to provide truly good health for the animals…..which cannot be found in a bag, bottle, box or can.

Important Disclaimer: The information contained on this web site is provided for educational and general information purposes.  Any information provided is not veterinary advice nor medical advice.  It is nutritional advice as Ms. Blatchley believes that many diseases are actually different stages of nutritional deficiencies.

If you have any concerns about your animal’s medical health, you may want to contact an appropriate veterinarian.  If you have any concerns about your animal’s nutritional health, you may want to contact an appropriate animal nutritionist.   Ms. Blatchley can provide unbiased nutritional, behavioral, and training advice for your animals as she is not supported by any particular company wanting her to sell their products but instead chooses the products to sell that she’s thoroughly researched.


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Deb Blatchley is President of Animal Health Solutions LLC, Blue Willow Farm, LLC dba The Kennels at Blue Willow Farm, Pet Taxi Services LLC and Georgia Poodle Club Incorporated dba Georgia Poodle Rescue. In addition to the products she sells, she offers consultations, and has researched and used all products she represents. She does not test on animals but has thoroughly researched the effects the products will have on the animals and ensures they are safe before giving any product to an animal. She is a highly educated, well-rounded, ecclectic, beautiful, and fun-loving individual with 25+ years of vast experience and scholarly research in animal and human nutrition, corporate america (College Recruiting, Law, Marketing, Engineering, Sales, IT, Finance, Treasury working with the SEC, Pricing, Communications, Government, including working with the FBI and other governmental and presidential agencies on highly confidential and sensitive information), interior design, small business development and expansion, gardening, is an author, photographer and has her BS, MBA, PhDABD, was the first AACP certified paralegal in the state of Georgia and more. For further information, please visit her profile at

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