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Real Food For Health

Flashy advertising of pet food is everywhere….on TV, on the radio, on the internet, in magazines, and more, with abounding coupons to entice consumers into thinking they need this stuff.  These advertisements show everyone happy with pictures of wholesome and fresh food that supposedly is used in making the processed pet food, which is formed into differently colored miniature meat and vegetable cutouts.  Every commercial leads you to believe their food is nutritious and is the best because pets love it.  But is it the best for your pet and for your budget?

A beautiful chocolate cake also looks wholesome and fresh and it looks good, smells good, and tastes good.  It contains eggs (protein), flour (grain), carbs (sugar) and processed vegetable oil (vegetables).  Is this considered nutritious because you love the taste of it?  Why isn’t it the preferred daily diet?

Are you being duped into this way of poor nutritional thinking……………. at the monetary and health expense of you, your family, and your pets?


…… be continued…………

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About The Author

Deb Blatchley is President of Animal Health Solutions LLC, Blue Willow Farm, LLC dba The Kennels at Blue Willow Farm, Pet Taxi Services LLC and Georgia Poodle Club Incorporated dba Georgia Poodle Rescue. In addition to the products she sells, she offers consultations, and has researched and used all products she represents. She does not test on animals but has thoroughly researched the effects the products will have on the animals and ensures they are safe before giving any product to an animal. She is a highly educated, well-rounded, ecclectic, beautiful, and fun-loving individual with 25+ years of vast experience and scholarly research in animal and human nutrition, corporate america (College Recruiting, Law, Marketing, Engineering, Sales, IT, Finance, Treasury working with the SEC, Pricing, Communications, Government, including working with the FBI and other governmental and presidential agencies on highly confidential and sensitive information), interior design, small business development and expansion, gardening, is an author, photographer and has her BS, MBA, PhDABD, was the first AACP certified paralegal in the state of Georgia and more. For further information, please visit her profile at

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