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Hi Deborah,

I want to thank you for saving my puppies life. Deborah, when I called you I was at my wits end. I already lost two puppies to Parvo and I had three more that were sick. I called the animal hospital and they told me that it would cost $500.00 per puppy per night for the treatment of Parvo. The hospital also told me that they could not guarantee the life of the puppies because they may be too far along with the disease.

I was so upset because I couldn’t afford to take care of these puppies properly. My husband found a website with the Parvaid product, we were so desparate that we did not want to just place the order on line because we thought that it would take too long to come. So we called. The woman on the phone stated that it would take approximately 72 hours to get the Parvaid in the mail. She said that there was a tea recipe that we could begin giving the puppies while we waited for the medicine. I asked her for the recipe, she stated that she could not give it to me unless I placed an order. Based on the weight of the three puppies, the Parvaid, plus a few other products, which she said was absolutely necessary, was going to cost $325.00. Once I again I was faced with the same problem, I CAN’T AFFORD TO SAVE THESE PUPPIES.

We tried another site and spoke with a man. He stated that we needed to get the Parvaid in the puppies as soon as possible and he gave us a list of stores/persons in Georgia where we can go and pick up the product first thing in the morning.

I called your number at 7:15am the next morning, you called me back at 9am. You spent 40 minutes on the phone with me going into detail everything I needed to do with the puppies immediately. You gave me the tea recipe, beef liver recipe, oat water recipe and a strict schedule to follow without ever asking for a sale.

We began with the plan immediately that day. We picked up the Parvaid that evening. One puppy was throwing everything up and pooping out a very sticky clumpy bloody stool. I called you back and you instructed us to hold the puppy after each dosage. My son started holding the puppy and rubbing behind his ears after each dosage as you instructed and it was like a miracle. My three puppies condition turned around in about three days. The bloody stool and vomiting ended.

I thank God for you and your passion for not only your dogs but for all dogs. I will refer you to everyone I know.



Thank you for driving and meeting me half way to sell me the Parvaid product for some of my puppies that just got it. I am a breeder of bulldogs and have had past puppies treated at the vet’s office for Parvo, only to have them die at the vet’s office overnight and to leave me with a big bill to pay. Then I discovered the Parvaid product. I’ve used the Parvaid product before for past puppies, ran out of it, and couldn’t find anyone nearby that I knew who kept it in stock. Ordering the Parvaid through mail from the manufacturer was going to take too long as I knew the importance and urgency of getting the Parvaid into the puppies immediately. Then I found your name and number. Your sense of urgency is to be commended. You drove half way and met me within an hour. I was so happy that I bought several bottles of the Parvaid and the Vibactra Plus to have on hand as I never wanted to be in that desparate situation again. It was also comforting to know that I was not only helping my puppies but also helping the dogs at Georgia Poodle Rescue because 10% of this sale was being donated to care for the dogs at Georgia Poodle Rescue. I have seen the miracle of this product and I am a believer. Thank you so much for being here for me and my puppies and all the work you do for the animals!
Mike – Bull Dog Breeder – Atlanta, GA

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Deb Blatchley is President of Animal Health Solutions LLC, Blue Willow Farm, LLC dba The Kennels at Blue Willow Farm, Pet Taxi Services LLC and Georgia Poodle Club Incorporated dba Georgia Poodle Rescue. In addition to the products she sells, she offers consultations, and has researched and used all products she represents. She does not test on animals but has thoroughly researched the effects the products will have on the animals and ensures they are safe before giving any product to an animal. She is a highly educated, well-rounded, ecclectic, beautiful, and fun-loving individual with 25+ years of vast experience and scholarly research in animal and human nutrition, corporate america (College Recruiting, Law, Marketing, Engineering, Sales, IT, Finance, Treasury working with the SEC, Pricing, Communications, Government, including working with the FBI and other governmental and presidential agencies on highly confidential and sensitive information), interior design, small business development and expansion, gardening, is an author, photographer and has her BS, MBA, PhDABD, was the first AACP certified paralegal in the state of Georgia and more. For further information, please visit her profile at

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